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I first began my "Tao Series" in May of 2010 when an artist recommended that I check out the book "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Little did I know, this particular book is actually about the 81 ancient Chinese verses called the Tao Te Ching. In the book, Dr. Dyer suggests that the reader meditate on each verse by "writing, recording, drawing, or expressing yourself in whatever way you're called to." At first, I thought "whatever", but I found myself wondering what kind of artwork I would create to correspond with the verses as I read them.

And so my journey began. I had always wanted to create art with more meaning, and what better way to do that than to start with the meaning. I also wanted to experiment with imagery that is more abstract; Something that different people can view differently depending on how their minds work. I thought about calling this "A Metaphysical Journey toward Abstraction" because you can see that more of the earlier pieces in the series relied on recognizable subject matter for their meaning.

By the time I had depicted Verse #19, I was slowly using more shapes, colors, and textures to convey meaning rather than traditional subject matter. I had also discovered a website called "Sacred Geometry" by Charles Gilchrist (a mandala artist) which provided me with more insight behind the meanings of different geometric shapes and how they are created.

Later in the series, around Verse #35, I began to incorporate more irregular "scribbly" lines. This was in reaction to the meticulously controlled geometric pieces I had been creating thus far. I am pleased with the resulting juxtaposition of the perfect geometry and the irregular lines.

By Verse #52, I had started using more colors of the spectrum and including smaller circles of color that relate to one another on their journeys. These circles of color made their way into my artwork as a result of my reading yet another Wayne Dyer book, the beautifully illustrated gift edition of "The Power of Intention."

It has taken me a year to complete the 81 artworks for the Verses of the Tao Te Ching. It is interesting for me to look back on the pieces I did months ago and remember what was happening in my life as I created them. It is my hope that you will enjoy viewing them and that they will touch your life in a positive way as well.
1. Mystery
2. Paradoxical Unity
3. Contentment
4. Infinite
5. Impartial
6. Create
7. Beyond Ego
8. Flow
9. Humility
10. Embrace Oneness
11. Void
12. Inner Conviction
13. Independent Mind
14. Beyond Form
15. Unhurried
16. Constancy
17. Enlightened Leadership
18. Without Rules
19. Without Attachment
20. Without Striving
21. Elusive Paradox
22. Flexibility
23. Natural
24. Without Excess
25. Greatness
26. Calm
27. Inner Light
28. Virtuous
29. Natural Law
30. Without Force
31. Without Weapons
32. The Perfect Path
33. Self Mastery
34. The Great Way
35. Beyond Worldly Pleasures
36. Obscurity
37. Simplicity
38. Innate
39. Wholeness
40. Return and Yield
41. Beyond Appearances
42. Harmony
43. Softly
44. Knowing When to Stop
45. Beyond Superficialities
46. Peaceful
47. Being
48. Decreasing
49. Beyond Judgement
50. Immortal
51. Hidden Virtue
52. Returning to the Mother
53. Honorable
54. Making a Difference
55. Letting Go
56. Silent Knowing
57. Without Authoritarianism
58. Untroubled
59. Thrift and Moderation
60. Immunity to Evil
61. Remaining Low
62. Treasure-house of the Tao
63. Without Difficulties
64. Being Here Now
65. Simple-hearted
66. Emulating the Sea
67. Three Treasures
68. Cooperating
69. Without Enemies
70. God-Realized
71. Without Sickness
72. Awe and Acceptance
73. Heaven's Net
74. No Fear of Death
75. Demanding Little
76. Bending
77. Offering the Surplus
78. Like Water
79. Without Resentments
80. Utopia
81. Without Accumulating
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