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I knew that I would eventually return to my favorite art subject and approach it from a different angle. The artworks from the "Wing Patterns" and "Traditional" galleries were all done prior to my Tao Series, before I had developed a appreciation for the mandala (a Sanskrit word meaning "circle"). In this series, I am focusing on the circular patterns in the wings. I have been seeing the Red Admiral butterfly in my garden a lot this spring. I always want to mentally create a circle from the red bands on his wings, so I decided to do that in an artwork, and that is how this series started. I knew I wanted the band to continue in a ring, but only subtly. I did an initial layer of Vermillion red and then covered it with Ultramarine blue. The pattern I chose to scrape away in the background to subtly reveal the red ended up being the text from the butterfly encyclopedia, which is why I call this series "Informative".
Lemur Eyes
Common Morpho 2
Common Morpho 1
Luna Moth
Red Admiral
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