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I actually started the Scribble Series as a reaction to some of the geometric art that I had been doing for the Tao Series. I was methodically using compass and ruler, and carefully coloring in small shapes. Charles Gilchrist calls this method of making art "open-eyed meditation" on his "Sacred Geometry" website. As meditative as this was, I still needed to do something else to balance the more emotional, free side of me.

I was feeling some pent up emotions that just weren't getting their outlet with the calming Tao Series. The first Scribble Art I created was called "Beauty in Anger." I was feeling angry, so I took the red oil pastel and scribbled all over a 14" x 17" sketchpad. I then took an 8" x 8" square template and moved it all around my crazy scribbles until I found a pleasing composition for an abstract. Once I found my composition, I taped off the 8" x 8" square and worked on creating something beautiful.

I also found this process to be meditative. By the time I finished, I was no longer angry, and I was actually quite pleased with the resulting artwork. I liked the juxtaposition of the crazy lines going into the more controlled 8" x 8" square. It reminded me of visually bringing order to chaos.

After completing a few more emotion-based Scribble Art pieces, I had the idea that it might be interesting to have someone else scribble, choose three more colors, and then I would complete the 8" x 8" abstract based on the marks the other person made. First up was my artist friend, Linda Alred. She thought that this was a great idea, and she couldn't wait to see how her piece would turn out!

Linda and I are both represented by the Blue House Gallery Too at Watters Creek in Allen, Texas. When I told her that I thought it would be fun to do the Scribble Art with more people (including kids), she had the fabulous idea to hold a special event called the "Interactive Art Experience" right there at the gallery. We held the event on September 25, 2010, and it was a huge success! People were excited about having their own custom abstract created from the marks that they made and the colors that they chose.
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