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My current journey as an artist began with a flourish of butterflies. Being a lover of color, pattern, and symmetry, butterflies were a natural choice of subjects. The butterfly is a symbol of positive transformation and spiritual growth due to metamorphosis during its life cycle. Naming my business "Morpho Studios" (after one of my favorite species) is appropriate since my art is constantly evolving to higher levels.

The art that I love is both beautiful and meaningful. Wanting to infuse more meaning into my artwork, I began doing abstract interpretations of the ancient wisdom and spiritual concepts of some of my favorite authors. Visually conveying these ideas through colors, shapes, and symbols keeps me constantly challenged and inspired. This has led me to learn more about sacred geometry and mandala meditation. The circular structure of a mandala is a balanced and organized composition that helps to calm the mind and provides a quiet centering in today's often chaotic world.

It is my sincere hope that people will feel a personal connection with my work, because I choose to create art that is meaningful and close to my heart. Often I will do commissions as well as customized mandalas based on a single word. I have created a series called "Word Mandalas" and a series based on the concepts of the Tao Te Ching, a collection of verses from ancient China. My artwork will continue to evolve and transform. As I learn and grow spiritually, I will continue to share that knowledge and beauty with the world through my art.

- Kelly Bartlett, Artist
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